Daniel Jones, CTO



I am not a neuroscientist


"the future of productivity is highly uncertain"

OECD - The Future Of Productivity (2015)

"resource allocation to less efficient uses"

Bank of England - The Productivity Puzzle

"higher firm survival"

Bank of England - The Productivity Puzzle

creating friction with:

1. Rewards

2. Planning

3. Communication

1. Rewards

Extrinsic rewards reduce desired behaviour

Extrinsic motivators break social contracts

2. Planning

We can't predict the future

Present bias is biological

We accept plans becoming more expensive

IQ dropped 13-14 points



2 2 2 2

Reduced willpower

Reduced prospective memory

3. Communication

Sociability is positive‑sum

Social capital correlates with productivity

Anthropic Sympathy

(How to get it less wrong)

Like, not want

Helping others motivates adults

Humans love problem‑solving

Frequent rewards

Rewards replenish willpower

Increase human contact

No email except HR

Provide Abundance

Kill deadlines

One has a moral obligation to change unfit processes